Our goal is to provide Health Funds with software, hardware and services that meet their business needs. This means we must help Health Funds control costs, while providing the flexibility to run their businesses as they see fit. Regular enhancements to Paragon21 ensure that Health Funds are positioned to take advantage of new business trends. Implementation Services and Hardware/Software total solutions, including training, are available at the Health Funds’ request. The Paragon21Team and CBHS are affiliated with the following organisations:
SYBASE® Business Partner, Health Industry Specialist; 
Microsoft® Solution Provider; 
Member of the NSW Health Funds Association (NHFA); 
Member of the Australian Health Services Alliance (AHSA); and 
Member of the Health Insurance Restricted Membership Association of Australia (HIRMA).

The Paragon21Team is a recognised systems integrator, providing products and services for health insurance administration.

Implementation Services
Project Management
The Paragon21Team personnel will work with you to develop a detailed implementation plan. The plan may include both Paragon21 and work process redesign. By following our implementation plans, Health Funds obtain maximum productivity through superior technology and improvements in methods and procedures. 
Model Company
With the assistance of the Health Fund data processing and user personnel, The Paragon21Team can create a “Model Company” facility. Use the Model Company to test the integrity of the system before, during and after implementation. Later, use the Model Company to test future system releases, custom modifications, and new products.

Successful conversion of data from the Health Fund existing systems is conducted with the active participation of both the Health Fund technical support and services staff. The Health Fund personnel provide The Paragon21Team with information concerning current systems, data formats and administrative requirements. Working together, we can design, write, and execute conversion programs that will successfully convert the Health Fund data to Paragon21.


The Paragon21Team provides user training in all areas of our system. Training is also available in all Microsoft products. Training may be customised and performed at the Health Fund offices, or at our state-of-the-art training centre at 10 O’Connell Street, Parramatta NSW 2150. Custom Programming, Modifications
The Paragon21Team will customise and modify Paragon21 as requested. The base system can be cost-effectively tailored to meet the Health Fund’s unique needs.     

Maintenance Agreement
The maintenance agreement provides access to future system releases. The agreement also extends the system’s warranty and enables The Paragon21Team to provide on-going support for the Health Fund installation and other technical needs.
Remote Access Support

Remote Access Support from our Parramatta Development Centre is available. Computer-to-computer communication, or communication via the Internet allows The Paragon21Team personnel to provide additional operational and maintenance support, error diagnosis and troubleshooting. Remote access is available only when authorised by the Health Fund. 

Health Funds Support Team

The Paragon21Team Health Funds support staff are available to answer questions during business hours (8.00 to 18.00 EST). A special telephone system assists us in responding to procedural questions or possible system problems. Through the on-line (web enabled) Paragon21 Request Information Tracking System “RITS” the The Paragon21Team support team ensures that all calls are logged, tracked and solved as quickly as possible. Any authorised user is able to log into the RITS system via the Internet and report problems or check the status of any call at any time - 24hrs a day.

Technology Support Team

Our team of experts provide technical assistance to the Health Funds as well as internal support for The Paragon21Team. The team design and implement web based solutions, computer networks (including Hubs, Routers, Internet Gateways, Firewalls and cabling where required), measure hardware and software performance, install systems and software, research new technology, and consult with Health Funds.



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