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Agency Administration Module (Optional)
Provides the basis for compensating agents and evaluating their performance

Paragon21 Commission Modules provides control over an agentís contract and licensing. It Provides the basis for compensating producers and evaluating their performance.  The module is designed to provide extensive reporting and allows accurate compensation to agents.

Commissions can be calculated as volume based.  Rates may also vary based on cover duration.
Significant Strengths  


Provides real-time inquiry and control of agentsí contracts and licenses.

Allow you to define ten agent levels for varied payment arrangements such as, two writing agents, splits, or overrides.  

Acknowledges user-defined names for all agent levels.  

Supports changing commission structures for first year and consecutive period by providing up to ten durationís on the rate schedule.  

Permits multiple contractual arrangements for any agent by product, start date and agent level.  

Produces agent earnings for all income sources, including bonus, draw and special compensation.  

Reporting feature includes business, and paid business on a period-to-date and year-to-date basis.  

Allow you to evaluate the Health Fund agents on the basis of the business submitted and paid business.



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