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Cheques and Remittances Advice

Flexible formats, schedules, benefit funds, and paper stock
Paragon21 allows the Health Fund to determine the format for Cheques and remittance forms for a group, account, or individual.  In addition, the system features a scheduling mechanism for generating the Cheques and remittances.  The user also has the flexibility to specify different funds from which benefits can be paid as well as different paper stock for different lines of business, accounts, or groups.

The cheque and remittances processing cycle produces a:
Benefit cheque or remittance and Explanation for Benefit;

Non-Payment Explanation of Benefit.

Paragon21 Laser printing MICR modules:

Determine the format (or location) of items on the cheque and/or remittances.

Create free-form remittances for a claimant, an account, or a group.

Use a variety of paper stock or forms.

Print on laser or MICR printers.

Easily customise Remittances to meet Health Fund needs.

Paragon21 supports customised formats and customised notes to communicate concise information to Members.  The correspondence feature allows the user to communicate more in-depth information to Members.

When cheques are generated, the system automatically assigns the appropriate bank routing information identifying the account from which the benefits are to be taken.  Different payments can be specified for different service provider, different accounts, or different groups.

Cheques and Remittances can be generated utilising line printers, laser printers or MICR laser printers.

If MICR coding laser printers are used, Paragon21 can automatically encode the bank information and the branch account number.

The remittance can have system-generated messages plus any customised message.



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