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Claim Adjustments and Cheques Cancellation

Adjusts previously processed claims on-line in a real-time mode
Paragon21 allows authorised users to adjust previously processed claims on-line in a real-time mode.  Once an adjustment is made, the system automatically calculates and updates the benefits for the claim and updates claims history.  The results of the adjustment calculation are immediately available.

Any adjustments are immediately reflected on the screen.  The system instantly updates benefit history information so the correct balance is immediately available.

Paragon21 allows authorised users to:

Void an incorrect claim.  

Re-process a voided claim to eliminate the information.  

Cancel a benefit cheque when the user knows the cheque will never be cashed.  

Re-issue a cheque without the need to re-enter any valid information.  

Create a reimbursement transaction when money is returned from a claimant or provider.  

A complete audit trail is kept for all transactions with date, time and operators ID stamps.  

History Adjustments (e.g. Dependants, Dates of Service).  

Balance Payment (Make further payments to payee).



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