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Correspondence Module Features

Customised Standard letters for specific needs

Paragon21 Correspondence Module is a fully integrated function; it is not an add-on fix such as a JetForm solution.  This module allows authorised staff to create and generate letters for member’s personalised, standard prospective members’ or providers’ specific needs.   All changes to the system generated letters are managed through the Request Information Tracking System (RITS).  This ensures staff utilise only authorised letters.  All correspondence is stored in the Paragon21 Database and can be viewed, re-printed, e-mailed or faxed at any time.  

Among other things, the correspondence facility allows:

Creation of freeform letters.

Creation of contractual letters.  

Printing ‘carbon copies’ for the insured, provider, group, or account.  

Selection of attachments to the letter, from a preset list.  

Tracking of correspondence in the Members and Providers Database history.  

Variable data to be embedded in the letters by the system or by the user.  

Automatic generation of letters depending on conditions.  

Viewing, reprinting, faxes or e-mail of any previously generated correspondence.  

System Security allows a system administrator to establish access rights for the:

Authorised person who develops the initial letters.  
Authorised person who actually generates the type of letters.
Authorised person who can add/delete paragraphs to an existing letter prior to sending to a member.



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