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Customer Service Notes System
Centralised Notes features quick access to frequently requested information

The Customer Service Notes system is used to place warning messages and track phone calls with, Member, Dependents, Prospective Members and Service Provider’s records.  By maintaining notes in a central location, the Customer Service system keeps support personnel up-to-date and “in the loop”.  For every call, users enter general information concerning the nature of the enquiry. The user can also forward the Note to a supervisor or other person for action to be taken. The recipient can “snooze” each note.  

Significant Strengths  


Lists all logged calls and notes for an insured by date, time, user ID, reason for call, group, name and member number.  

Provides the facility to enter notes to many areas of the system, such as member/dependent, prospective members, provider, claims, quotations, etc.

Allows users to define reason codes for calls or messages (e.g. claim status, claim error, initial call, follow up call, etc.)  

Notes can be escalated to supervisor/manager or other person for action.  

The recipient of a Note that requires action can “snooze” the Note and the system will remind the person until the Note is actioned.  

The user that has forwarded the Note is notified when the Note has been actioned. 

Speeds call turn around and quickly frees up Member service personnel.  

Keeps calls, notes or requests from being lost in the shuffle.  

Prevents multiple calls on the same issue by providing Notes listing.  

 Provides reminders for action to be taken and pop-up screens for priority issues.  

Notes marked as Priority Notes, pop-up when the file is accessed.



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