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Group and Individual Contribution Billing
Flexible billing features let you meet the needs of the Health Fund members

Paragon21ís contribution billing process is extremely flexible and easy to use.

You can create employer and individual bills and customise the Health Fundís own billing formats.  Tracking of delinquencies and overpayments is automatic.  Multiple variables may be built into the rate determination process.

With the many features of individual and group billing, you can meet the Health Fundís unique business requirements.
Significant Strengths  


Supports payroll deductions, direct debiting, payment by cheque and credit card payments.  

Supports daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing modes.  

Calculates rates on an individual basis depending on the group to which the person belongs.  

Supports retroactive rate changes.  

Allows rates to be entered before the effective date.  

Automatically tracks and re-bills back charges and overpayments on an individual basis.  

Permits user-defined messages on either a specific billing statement/remittance or all statements/remittances.  

Retains a historical record of inactive members.  

Allows an unlimited number of products to be billed (e.g. Hospital, Extras, Ambulance, Travel Insurance).  

Provides adjustable coverage billing that allows preset billing to start and stop at a specified date by coverage, by individual.  

Supports manual billing.  

Supports Ďsampleí premium calculation and quotations.  

Controls billing at the account level or the individual level, and allows the addition of new accounts to the system before the effective date.  

Allows for payment to be deducted from other/linked memberís account (e.g. parents paying for childrenís cover).

Supports user-defined billing formats; customises bills to fit specific business needs.

The Contribution and Billing screen displays basic receipting and billing information on a single screen.   

All conveniently displayed in an easy-to-read format.  



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