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Members Management
The Members Management modules tracks each step of establishing, maintaining and communicating with members and prospective members
The Members Management modules eliminate and automate many of the manual steps involved in tracking a new member. Prospective members and dependents of existing members are converted to full membership without the need to re-enter any information in the database.

Paragon21 Members Management modules tracks applications from the first enquiry (prospective members), through verification of previous cover and approval. Our unique Members Management modules tracks and documents both group and individual new business from the time the enquiry and/or application is received until it is approved. All correspondence, quotations and notes are electronically stored with the member (or prospective member) database records and are able to be accessed by any authorised person. Telephone communication is recorded and tracked via the integrated Member Services Notes Modules. 

In the process of establishing new or Prospective Member cover, the system performs many different tasks. Options allow you to set up cover, track and balance cash submitted with applications, provide verification of previous cover, issue clearance certificates, and generate letters and reports. The Members Management modules also has a query facility that allows the users to find any individual on the database with minimum information and/or part of the name, part of the address, etc. 


Significant Strengths 
Supports both group and individual issues.
Tracks and balances contributions. 
Acknowledges user-defined verification of previous cover actions for both cover and individuals.
Maintains the status of cover and individuals. (Status records include verification of previous cover actions e.g. waiting for clearance certificate, the date and time of each action, and the user ID of the person who initiated each action.) 
Automatically assigns member numbers (if a number is not provided). 
Provides a prospective members database. 
Supports user-defined reason codes and verification of previous cover codes. 
Capable of processing multiple rebate methods. 


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